Missionsreise nach Deutschland und Rumänien – Ein Bericht aus China

Der CVJM Nürnberg-Kornmarkt hatte diesen Sommer Freunde aus dem Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong und dem University YMCA zu Gast. Zusammen mit ihnen haben wir einen Arbeits- und Missionseinsatz in Rumänien durchgeführt.

Hier ein Artikel der Chinesen über den Einsatz:

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong – University YMCA
German and Romania Missionary Trip

God is definitely the leader of this missionary trip. Though we encountered different situations and challenges, we felt the peace and calm from God. We also experienced the unity of Christians of different nationalities and cultures.

In the first three days, we went to a garden of a YMCA volunteer for camping. This was the first time we tried German food. We also enjoyed the relaxing and peaceful landscape there. We had devotion time and sharing, which enabled us to share our faith in God and got to know each other. The songs we sang are all pleasant and touching.

Then we came back to Nuremberg YMCA and lived in host families. We were arranged to many different activities. For examples, we had a city tour, we visited a college, a university and the Nazi Documentary centre. In addition, we discussed the related topics such as the difference of the education system in Hong Kong and Germany, the history of China and Germany, the immigrant problem, the value of Christians. All these activities and discussion helped us better understand the German culture. we also helped the construction work in Nuremberg YMCA, which was interesting as we seldom do it in Hong Kong.

11-24 August is the main part of the missionary trip. We went to Romania with German volunteers. We prepared many activities and workshop for the children there. Including the Romanian volunteers, around 40 people were involved in this missionary trip and though we had communication problem, sometimes it took time to translate the messages, we all felt the unity in God, because we shared the same faith and goal to do the work for god, we couldn’t do it alone, that’s was really a beautiful pictures. We sang and played with the children, we spread the gospel to the children by magic shows and balloon. It was a fruitful missionary trip in Romania, we saw many different things, for example, the situation of Romania as well as the Gypsy, the need of Romanian, how to devote to God as a servant. Thanks to the devotion time every morning and evening, we shared our experience with each other, we prayed together, we studied the bible and shared our testimony, God is with us all the time.

This is a very memorable trip. Not only did we travel to Germany, we actually lived in Germany, experienced the culture there. Thanks God for this precious trip, for all the arrangement and preparation.

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